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Please find below advice notes and guidance on various topics.  Please follow the link to the document you want to view.


Bro Taf LMC Ltd is the statutory representative organisation for GPs in

Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda Cynon Taff and Merthyr Tydfil


- Use of 084 numbers - revised 2012 guidance click here

- 24 Hour Retirement  click here

- Accepting donations from patients click here

- Access to Health Records  click here

- Addictions - support for doctors in Wales - Enfys information click here

- Benefit Appeals Letters advice note: August 2013  click here

- Breast Implants CEO letter Wales  click here

- Business Rate Revaluation and Trade Waste (GPC Wales guidance) click here

- What to charge your patients  click here

- Why GPs charge fees  click here

- GP Guidance on fees for non-NHS reports  click here

- Child Death Review Process - roles and responsibilities for GPs  click here
- Child Protection - Protecting Children and Young People: Doctors' Responsibilities  click here
- Chlamydia Screening  click here

- Collaborative Fees (July 10)  click here

- Community Pharmacy: A Guide for GPs and practice staff (July 13)  click here

- Complementary Therapists Referral  click here

- Confidentiality: good practice in handling patient information (2017)  click here

- Confirmation & Certification of Death  click here

- Continuing Healthcare and Unified Assessment click here

- Continuing Professional Development - GMC guidance  click here

- Contractual Issues for GPs (2013)  click here

- Corporate Manslaughter Act  click here

- Cremation Regulations  click here

- Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority: gathering medical information click here

- Data controllers' responsibilities - RCGP & BMA Wales guidance (Oct 15) click here

- Dental Problems - BMA Guidance: Patients presenting with dental problems (Dec 2016)  click here

- Deprivation of Liberty Standards (DoLS) Legislative Change - April 2017  click here

- Drug Driving Legilsation March 2015 click here

- Drug Driving Quick Reference Guide click here

- DWP Medical Reports Completion  click here

- Excessive Prescribing Focus Note  click here
- Firearms Guidance - BMA - March 2017  click here

- Firearms Licensing Process - BMA guidance (November 2016)  click here

                                              - more detailed Home Office guidance click here

- Fit for Work Scheme - GPC Wales guidance (January 2015) click here

- Fit for Work Scheme - Updated guidance (Sept 2015)  click here

- Fit for Work Scheme DWP guidance  click here

- Fit Note - Getting the most out of the fit note (Jan 2015)  click here

- Freedom of Information Act FAQs  click here

- Gender Incongruence in Primary Care  (BMA guidance) click here

- GP Networks - BMA guidance on how to set up a GP Network  click here

- GP Networks - Guiding principles for GP Networks click here

- Guide to LMCs and BMA GPC in Wales  click here

- Handing back a GMS Contract - GPC Wales guidance June 2017 click here

- HIW Practice Inspections: GPC Wales advice note  click here

- Housing Association letters  click here

- IM&T - focus on Welsh IM&T systems (GPC Wales, February 2014) click here

- Identifying Services that should not be provided by GPs - June 2012  click here

- Improving Communication - the exchange of information and patient care (Oct 2007)  click here

- Increasing List Size Financial Implications  click here

- Insurance Reports: Subject Access Requests August 2015 click here

- Interface between NHS and private treatment for doctors in England, Wales and NI  click here

- IR35 changes to rules that could affect how Locum GPs are paid click here

- Jury Service GPC Guidance  click here

- Life Extinct Verification Form  click here

- List Closure and Changes to Branch Surgery Access  click here

- Locum Agreements in General Practice  click here

- Managing workload to deliver safe patient care: BMA advice for GPs  click here

- Medicines Use Reviews  click here
- Mental Capacity Act click here

- Mental Health DES focus note from GPC Wales (June 2013)  click here

- Monitored Dosage Systems & 7 Day Prescribing  click here

- Organ Donation Changes: Health Professionals Factsheet click here

- Overseas Visitors and Access to Primary Care  click here

- Pandemic Flu - BMA and RCGP Guidance for GPs  click here

- Partnership Agreements BMA Guidance (Apr 2014)  click here

- Patient Access to GP Services  click here

- Pension: Choice Practitioners Guide  click here 

- Pensions Dynamising Factor  click here

- Pensions Update GPC UK - December 2011 click here

- Performers List Guidance  click here

- Phlebotomy Specification HB/GPC W  click here
- PIP Quick Guide for Health Professionals  click here

- Police Requests for Medical Notes from General Practice - June 2017  click here

- PPL licensing of medical practices - letter and FAQ June 2014  click here

- Premises Cost Directions revisions letter 20.03.15  click here

- Premises, Future of (Mar 10)  click here

- Prescribing and Dispensing click here

- Prescribing Guidance - Primary Secondary Care Interface  click here

- Prescribing Pharmaceutical Products Fees  click here

- Prescribing in General Practice (March 2013)  click here

- Prescription Direction Statement (Oct 2013)  click here

- Pre-employment Checks on Doctors  click here

- Primary Medical Contracts - Who can hold what?  click here

- Private Company and other Health Professionals Involvement  click here

- Private Practice click here

- Private Treatment and Interface between NHS  click here

- Professional Fees: frequently asked questions (BMA website)  click here

- QOF GP Cluster network top tips click here

- QOF 2016-17 FAQs click here

- Repeat Dispensing Guidance (Jan 09)  click here

- Retainer Scheme in Wales (Oct 08) click here

- Retirement Advice (Mar 09)  click here

- Revalidation for GP Locums - A Practical Guide (Oct 13)  click here

- Revalidation for NHS GPs (March 2013)   click here

- Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk in General Practice click here

- Safeguarding Patient Services, maintaining cost effectiveness  click here

- Salaried GPs Focus Note (Feb 09)  click here 

- Seniority Payments (updated July 10)  click here

- Sessional GPs - How to set up and develop a sessional GP group  click here

- Shingles - changes to the shingles immunisation programme - April 2017 WHC(2017)17

- Sickness certification for schools etc   click here

- Sort it in One Call - Update for GP Practices (Oct 2010)  click here

- Study Leave Guidance for GP Trainees (Apr 13)  click here

- Suspended GPs  click here

- Taking on New Partners (Apr 2011)  click here

- Tax Brackets: Focus On new brackets (March 2010)  click here

- Text Messaging Guidance for QOF Purposes (June 2015) click here

- Transgender Patients - Prescribing Hormone Therapy (Sept 2016) click here

- Transgender Patients - GPC Wales Statement on prescribing for transgender patients click here

- Travel Immunisations (Nov 11)  click here

- Treating Patients in Private Hospitals  click here

- Vaccines and Immunisations guidance from GPC (June 2014) click here

- Veterans Healthcare (April 2010)  click here

- Vetting and Barring Scheme - new advice Aug 2010  click here

- The Vital Signs in Primary Care - A guide for GPs seeking help and advice  click here

- Welsh Water Assist Forms (Sept 10)  click here